I am so glad you have decided to interject a BIG dose of faith in your spiritual walk in Christ. This walk is not easy and it is not for the faint in heart. I wanted you to have a safe place to be challenged, directed, held accountable, and loved. As you explore this site, expect to be question on whether you will go deeper, run faster, reach father, and erect glory in your Spirit, that God might find you there about your work! There is MORE for you to have and more for you to do. IT will GREAT, WILD, WONDERFUL, BRAVE, SURE, BARENAKED….FAITH! You must be humble, seeking, and vulnerable to reach this level in your faith.

Yeah…I know, you have experienced some blessings in your faith and all faith has to offer, but if you are still here…THERE IS ANOTHER LEVEL YOU HAVE YET TO REACH!

So let’s go together! Lets jump off ledges, touch mountains, move the earth for the millions or few you can to serve with your glorious work!

I am ALL in!





This is ME:)

Hello Loves! I am DaRhonda!

Welcome to an experience to fully, wholly, sacredly, and holy becoming as naked as you can be before the Lord. Being whole, rich and blessed. This experience is a faithful journey to uncovering who you are at each new level grafting in all you have learned through the lessons and butt scraped you have in endured by His grace. The conquering believe it or not is necessary at each new level. We keep waiting to be comfortable, and to live out an existence in a permanent place. What we fail to understand is, that EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY! Nakedness is necessary, and to be alive (without retreating far into your soul) in the process, BARENAKEDfaith will be required!

That is where I come in! I am hear to give you a safe place. After offering Christ in every aspect of my life coaching, speaking, and branding practice and work for the last 17 years, I realized that ALL I WANT IS HIM! I want to spend my time serving Him and His people. So, I am here to offer YOU the opportunity to pull out you greatest gift and to work in such a way that will expose your dominion, your heritage in Christ, and your anointing to a world that is desperate need of your revelation.

The BARENAKEDfaith is a conversation with yourself and with God. I will be your guide and ask you to introspectively unveil the tough questions, and design a plan specific for you that will include ALL that is to come. I will remind you to listen, hear and rediscover you heavenly reign.

See…I am tired of skating on the fence about who God is! HE IS ALL! And…there is a way to live this life happy, truthful, abundant, good…really good, sparkly, fly, and steeped in FAITH!

GOD is calling us to glory through our work, THE CHOSEN+THE FRUITFUL+THE GLORIOUS John 17:4-7

Let’s arrive safely, sane, happy, and in the communion of faith together planting trees strategically, purposefully, intently with real fruit for days.