BNF+ Girl Speaks!

I would love to come & be a part of your Prayer Group, Company Event, or Conference and share Godly Strategies, Intentions, Goals, & the Word of God Consumed in FAITH!

I believe in leaving people more driven, inspired and transformed than they were before! Happy to create a topic that will fit perfectly for you, your organization, and audience. I look forward to hearing from you!

DaRhonda is divinely heartfelt in her approach and introspective in her delivery.

/  Bob Garson, Diversity Chair Houston,Texas  /


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but…WOW! I could listen to her talk about the Lord all day everyday! She is present, transparent, and vulnerable in her knowledge of God. You felt drenched by the presence of God!

/Elias Jones, Executive Pastor New York, New York /



DaRhonda speaks with power! This little woman felt 12 feet tall and took over the room! Speechless!