Welcome to what I believe to be the most transformational step in your life…BARENAKEDfaith!

If you have found yourself here, then you are curious to what BareNakedfaith is. Well, I don’t blame you! It is a concept that I believe to be the most successful way you can transform your relationship with God. The BareNakedfaith is; the deep exploration of your intimacy with God, the execution of a plan to go deeper in your vulnerability that transforms that connection, and create opportunity to learn how to execute a greater FAITH to experience His Glory!

FAITH is the only true & real experience of vulnerability with The Most High God that we are meant to have. That faith becomes solidified by His GRACE, and lives in the intentional steps that are surrounded by His LOVE. FAITH is why and how we believe in a God we have never seen. So I wanted to provide the opportunity HERE for you to safely uncover your sweetest vulnerability with a deeper quiet, and an elevated hearing.

Investing in your BareNakedfaith will be the adventure crave for in the discovery & exploration a work that is meant to bear/bare fruit through your hands. I will design strategy perfect for you to execute that well, with perfect integration of His purpose for your life. Since the moment you were born (and before) His greatest desire has been to co-create with you, in you, and for you everything from nothing by faith. This can be seen in HIS creation of us and the world promised to us through our dominion.

We spend so much time being anointed, tired, and assuming a lesser version of ourselves and the promise. The promise often paralyzes people instead of empowering them to execute ALL the steps necessary in the natural to produce the promise. They (WE) assume the promise will come without their effort in FAITH, or examine all their inconsistent small efforts to be enough.

Faith is special in that is cannot be seen in the natural and must be pursued by spirit! It must be known in the soul of the walker that FAITH is REAL and that it WILL produce YOUR given promise with AMAZING FRUIT!

What I am Clear About…

  • You can do this!

  • You still have time!

  • You can ALWAYS learn more!

  • God is asking you to show up, be revelational, & live transformed by FAITH

  • We ALL must be intent on bringing Him GLORY!

Reminder Of FAITH

Faith is not easy! There are trials/lessons in life and being chosen is painful! I understand this dynamic clearly!

True faith lived intentionally everyday is thought of as a crazy notion, and one not many believe is really necessary. I agree, we do not have to do much to be counted in the things of God and for Him to love us, but are we pleasing Him? Hebrews 11:6

We should be in pursuit of allowing Him to transform all we are, for all we can be in a life that is pleasing and good in Him. That is why we were created. I invite you on a journey to increasing, challenging, hearing, developing, and executing your FAITH in a clear, greater, naked (vulnerable), powerful, and a more transformative way.