It’s ME, DaRhonda!

faith seeker+transformational-ist+creative


I am a LOVER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD! I am the kind of Girl that loves to see people happy, fully rich, and transformed. With a lot of grit, determination, and intentional FAITH I have the life I want and live each day full of expectancy. I have spent my life teaching, educating, ministering, and coaching others to do the same. Sure I have degrees in counseling/psychology, theology, and armed with ministry credentials, but that is not what makes me qualified on the subject of faith. (Wait for it….Oh how I love a series of good run-on sentences) I have risked everything to believe for the impossible yet attained glorious spirit-led life life, the unfruitful made fruitful womb, the beautiful house on the perfect street, driving the cool expensive whip, the joy of a sweetly amazing marriage just shy of 20 years, and a work I am extremely proud of reaching thousands for the last 17 years. Against the world’s standard, advice from people I loved, and my own logical mind…I HAVE THE FAITH OF A CHILD! At the age of 8, I received a gift from God to hear His voice perfectly after many tears and prayers on special night when the world crushed my little spirit with the lowest of life’s circumstances. On my knees, in the dark, soaked in a puddle of tears, without the possibility of light, I met Christ and was held by the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and spoken to by THE VOICE that would change my life forever! SO… I have trusted HIM in all things, and He, in his invite wisdom has led me to an extraordinarily great happiness that is worth sharing and building upon in others in the specific area of FAITH.

Lets jump off ledges, touch mountains, move the earth for the millions or few you came to serve with your glorious work!

I am ALL in! THIS IS ME, DaRhonda!



I am here to give you a safe place of rediscovery and deeper exploration. I am here to offer YOU the opportunity to pull out your greatest gift and to work in such a way that will expose your dominion, your heritage in Christ, and your anointing to a world that is in desperate need of your revelation!